How regularly should you have your carpets and upholstery cleaned?

I have the answer for this: When it’s embarrassing to invite a guest. It depends on the individual where this line is…

Will you transport the carpet, upholstery or the furniture?

We clean every furniture on site, since transporting the furniture twice would cost more than the cleaning itself. We can clean those carpets that have short hairs, are not too wide, synthetic and glued down carpets.

What type of carpets can’t we clean on site? We don’t clean torontal carpets, since their colors drain due to the cleaning, they can be cleaned with special chemicals only. The same goes for white wool carpets. We also can’t clean thin silk carpets, tapestries, rugs and carpets that are not strong and heavy enough as our strong suction machine would hoover it up.

These are the types of carpets that your vacuum cleaner would lift. We also can’t clean carpets that are too dirty. This goes for long haired carpets as well, since we can’t drain it without a drying room. In these cases, please call this number or click the link.

Do you do dust mite extermination during the carpet cleaning?

Yes, without extra charges or chemicals in every case, since we clean with 90C° degree water, which is very bad for them… But the fight against them is useless. There’s no way to completely exterminate dust mites, since their main food is human skin tissue, nails, hair, but they like animal hairs and feathers as well, which means they always will be there.

Even if you have your carpets cleaned, they’ll still live on your chairs, beds, clothes and so on. So never pay for dust mite extermination ever!

So then what can you do if you’re allergic to dust mites?

I will share my own experience. First of all, the fight is not against dust mites, but their feces which contain an irritating protein, thus triggering the allergic reaction. My partner has a very bad dust mite, or rather dust mite feces allergy. First, I bought a ‘super’ vacuum cleaner, which ‘thanks to its Hepa filter hoovers 99,6% of the dust’.

But this is not it. When hoovering, my partner needed at least ten tissue papers because her nose was so runny, and eyes full of tears. She was suffering. After a bit of research, I bought a vacuum cleaner with water filter (this is not for regular cleaning). The water is very effective for the removal of dust, so effective in fact that she can use the vacuum cleaner without problem! But it’s important to choose the right cleaner. If you call me, I’ll gladly explain.